Friday, November 16, 2012

President Obama Made His Second Visit to the Tri-State Since Hurricane Sandy

                         President Obama met with Damien and Glenda Moore who children
                                  Brandon and Connor died, after being swept away during Hurricane Sandy
                                                                                    (Offical White  House Photo by Pete Souza)

By Tomica Kipp

November 15, 2012 President Obama got a firsthand look at some of the devastation left behind by Hurricane Sandy when he traveled to Staten Island to meet with elected officials, first responders and local residents.
President Obama promised residents that he will continue to return to the region until the rebuilding is complete.  While speaking to local residents President Obama said, “I am going to come back in the future to make sure that we follow true on that commitment.”
“During difficult times like this, we are reminded that we are bound together and we have to look out for each other and a lot of things that seem important the petty differences melt away and we focus on what binds us together and that  we as Americans are going to stand with each other in their hour of need,” said President Obama.
Today was President Obama second trip to the tri-state area since Hurricane Sandy made landfall, the president traveled to New Jersey on November 1, 2012 immediately after the storm and directed the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to assist the local government and residents.

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