Tuesday, January 22, 2013

A Multi-Talented Artist on a Quest to Share her Voice with Anyone who will Dare to Listen

 By: Tomica Kipp

Everyone wants to try out for American Idol, ‘The Voice’ or anything that will give them recognition and eventually stardom. However there are very few who are versatile in what they can do musically with their voice, range, and tempo. Diamond Velazquez is one of the very few, she can go from a slow to fast tempo within a beat, she has a unique vocal style, she is a talented rapper as well as a soul full songstress.
Courtesy of Valazquez's Reverbnation Profile
At first glance Velazquez aka Diamond V seems like a shy young woman who is putting the pieces back in her life after Hurricane Sandy devastated her Far Rockaway neighborhood, but the Queens,  New York  native is not going to let anything or anyone stop her from expressing herself musically.
            The 20 year-old was influenced musically by her by mother the late Maria Velazquez. Her first memories performing were with her mother in their church choir. When she was only seven years old, her mother died from a severe asthma attack.  “When my mother passed away, I knew that I had to fulfill my dreams to make her proud,” Velazquez said.             
            Velazquez comes off like Beyonce Knowles, she has a shy demeanor about her but on stage she has a different persona, she is fierce-less, confident and her voice is breath-taking.  When I asked her who she thinks she sound like musically, she said, “I can’t pin point who I sound like musically, however I think that I have a 90s sound.”
             Velazquez recently released a CD title, ‘The Queen of Diamonds,’ available for download on Hot New Hip Hop and on youtube.
            Her mix tape is about a young woman coming of age, a woman that is extremely confident in the clothes that she wears, her make-up is flawless. She also talks about a woman who is broken hearted and at a crossroad in her relationship. Yet Velazquez says she is not in love, “I am not in love.  However, I know what love feels like, so I am able to tap into those emotions when I am writing.”
Courtesy of Youtube
            In her spare time Velazquez likes to do cover songs and she also loves to perform in talent shows, open mics and competitive showcases around the New York City Metropolitan Area.
“I am a young, creative, versatile artist who is determined and focus on heading to the top,” Velazquez said. “Musically I am still learning and searching for my inner artist.”
            Velazquez does not have a recording contract, she said that she is grateful to her father because he is always encouraging her to pursuit her goals musically.  In addition, to her father, she said that she gets some of the best advice from her best friend an upcoming artist name Nailah Mosley. Velazquez said that Ms Mosley, always tell her, “never doubt yourself, try your best to stay as creative as possible and never forget to have fun.”
            Velazquez said musically her idol is Beyonce, “I like Beyonce because she sets very high standards for herself, and she is multi-talented.” Velazquez is a multi-talented singer herself, she can sing in a fast tempo like the late Lisa ‘Left-Eye’ Lopez and she also has a very soul full voice.
            When asked if she could emulate something from Beyonce’s career what would it be? She said, “It would have to be the impact she [Beyonce] has on her crowd. I say this, because the day I perform in front a large crowd and everyone exit knowing all my lyrics, I can then say, I have fulfilled my dreams.”

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