Saturday, April 20, 2013

America Refuse to be Intimidated by Any Terrorist

By Tomica Kipp
           In less than two days after the Federal Bureau of Investigation released the pictures of the two suspects wanted in the Boston Marathon Shooting, the streets of Boston are safe again.
            Around 10:30 p.m on April 18, 2013 the suspects ambushed and killed a Massachusetts Institute of Technology Police Officer Sean Collier which triggers a massive police operation in Boston.
Suspects walking along the sidewalks at the Boston Marathon
moments before the pressure cooker bombs went off killing
three people and injuring 141
            26- years-old Tamerlan Tsarnaev  was identified has suspect #1 and his 19-years-old brother Dzhokar Tsarnaev was identified has suspect #2. The suspects led law enforcement officers on a high speed chase along the streets of Boston, shooting and throwing explosives.
Tamerlan Tsarnev died in a gun fight and more than 12 hours later his brother was captured hiding in a boat. The suspects are naturalized American citizens from Chechnya. Their father who now resides in Russia pleaded with his son earlier in the day to surrender peacefully and also said that, “all hell will break loose” in the United States if police kill him.
          In addition, their aunt Maret Tsarnaev told reporters from her home in Canada that she believes the pictures are stage and she demanded to see the evidences from the FBI that her nephews placed the bombs that killed three and injured 141 people.
In contrast, their uncle Ruslan Tsarni said that his nephews had brought shame to his family and ethnicity. “It is an atrocity, we are devastated,” Tsarni said “we are shocked.” Tsarni said that he has not spoken to his nephews in years.
            On April 15, 2013 these men tried to infringe upon Freedom, after a few scary days in Boston and around the United States of America. The people of Boston went out to the streets to celebrate and applauded the work of law enforcement officers. 

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